Benevolent Education: The Evil Of Parents?

Free stock photo of adoption, bedroom, bonding timeWe talk about children’s rights, we talk about their rights not to be subjected to corporal punishment, their rights not to be subjected to violence, their rights not to be humiliated, to not be physically and psychologically affected. I was angry because in this show, it is a trivialization of all these rights. I was also shocked that the columnists used a video to convey their point of view. Why not have done it in the very presence of Isabelle Filliozat? Why not have him by their side in order to witness a real exchange? These are questions that remain unanswered on my side. For me, when you can’t have a dialogue, when you want to give viewers a single version of the facts, I don’t find that constructive. And again, this begs me question as to the end point of this topic.

During this program, we heard: “These people are doing a lot of harm” concerning the actors of benevolent parenting. Harm to whom? To parents ? Because we get them to reflect on their practices? To ask questions and no longer act according to a model given by the elders? Am I to understand that we should continue to hurt children so as not to hurt adults? So children are less important than parents? A 4 year old human being has the right to suffer for an adult to feel good? Is that the education that this show advocates? Because in the words enumerated, it is said “in benevolent education, if there is a problem, it is your parents’ fault. Who said that? The actors of positive parenting are there to inform the men and women of today of the consequences of this ordinary educational violence so that everyone can then act in conscience. Isn’t it important to know the repercussions of our actions on our children?

Awareness – Caring Parenting

Free stock photo of adoption, adoption office, adoption papersOf course, getting out of your comfort zone and raising awareness is not always the most comfortable situation. And I speak to you knowingly. Today, I am writing my article without any judgment towards all the parents of this Earth, whatever their methods, their needs, their desires, their possibilities. Many parents would like to do otherwise, act against their will because they have no tools to do otherwise, they are not accompanied, nor helped, nor supported, nor understood. Because the education that we ourselves received did not teach us or bring all of this. I speak to you and open my heart to you today because I was one of those screaming mothers. 

And I consider myself lucky to have discovered respectful education. I must have read a lot, I must have worked on myself a lot. I consider myself to be one example of a mother among many. I am proof that it is possible to change. I always assume, for everything in my life, that if others can do it, then I can too. And this philosophy of life is not only valid for me. It is for all of us. And I want to say today, to all these parents, who want to live differently with their children, but who do not yet know how to do it or for whom it is stronger than them to this day. to do so, that it is possible and that there is no reason why they cannot. You will need to be accompanied, to be listened to, to be heard, to be understood. If we give you real leads, real methods, concrete cases to educate differently, you will get there. Only, it can be really difficult to change. It also requires, as I have already told you, a lot of work on oneself, because a lot of things come from our childhood. This is not to throw stones at our parents or grandparents because they did not know either, the consequences of punishments and spankings. So there is absolutely no question of judging anyone.

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